MARPOL,ISM,ISO,IMO and STCW 2007 Objective Paper

21)annex I regulation 12 sludge takes concentration:

A. Bilge pump to OWS

B. No line direct connection to OBD other than discharge given in regulation 13(correct)

C. No direct connection to OBD

D. Have direct connection to OBD all the valve to be close and sealed


22)Which of the following statements is false?

A. A ship security plan is made by the CSO

B. A ship security plan is a confidential document.

C.A ship security plan needs to be approved by the flag state administration

D. None of the above(correct)


23)Which of the following statements about LRIT is False? (C or D)

A.Regulation on LRIT is included in Chapter V of SOLAS

B.LRIT has longer range than AIS

C.LRIT, like AIS, is a broadcast system that transmits information about ship's identity, location date and time of position to all in range(correct)

D.LRIT and AIS should not have any interface.


24)You as a fourth engineer have taken over watch from third engineer. He said OWS is running in 0 ppm. But after taking over watch you observed that fresh water flushing valve is crack open. After closing it, suddenly the oil content has exceeded 15ppm. What will you do?

a. shut the OWS & inform CEO.(correct)

b. shut the OWS but no need to inform anyone.

c. Don't touch the appratus& inform CEO.

d. Just check that there is no visible colour/oil traces in sea water so don't have to inform anyone


25)Which of the following instruments set out carrier's obligations and liabilities with respect to carriage of goods?

A.Hague Rules

B.Hamburg Rules

C.Hague- Visby rules

D.All of the above(correct)


26)Which of the following anti fouling paint is an accepted alternative to now banned TBT based paint.

a. DOT based anti fouling paint.

b. Arsenic based anti fouling paint.

c. Mercury based anti fouling paint.

d. Copper based anti fouling paint.(correct)


27)Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage is issued under what?

a. CLC 1969.

b. MARPOL convention.

c. Bunker convention 2001.(correct)

d. CLC 1992.


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