Marine Auxillary 2010 Objective Paper


Q- We have a problem with vibration in the turbocharger. What might be the cause?

A Dirty air inlet filter.

B The turbine rotor is not balanced

C The lubricating oil needs to be changed.

D Worn out turbocharger bearings.

Answer-B and D (B Becoz if any othe turbine blade hs been worn out or something turbine wil nt be balanced D Becoz naturally if the roller or balll baering hs been wotn it in either turbine or comprsr side respectively vibrations wud be producd)

Q- Two compressors should not be run in parallel because

A.It is not efficient to run two compressors

B.It will give over capacity in the system

C.There is possibility of losing oil from the compressors

D.A and B


Important Question for MMD

Q- You have valves of same bore diameter but of different types. Which of the following is arranged in the decreasing order closing torque required for giving a perfect seal?

A. Globe valve, Ball valve, Butterfly valve(rubber seat)

B. Ball valve, Globe valve, Butterfly valve(rubber seat)

C. Butterfly valve(rubber seat), Globe valve, Ball valve

D. Globe valve, Butterfly valve(rubber seat), Ball Valve


Q- G.E overspeed trip what will u check

a governer is not responding(ANS)

b.fuel system

c.moving parts (crank shaft)

d.all of the above


Q- With full load on the main engine, the turbocharger tachometer reads: Too low RPM. Why?

A Damaged connection between pick- up and tachometer unit

B Pick up is not connected to turbocharger.

C Turbocharger need to be cleaned/ overhauled.

D Pick up for tachometer is wrongly adjusted.


Q- To reduce the weight of the reciprocating parts pistons of high speed engines are made considerably shorter.This results in__________

A. less piston slap and quiter running

B.increased crankshaft bearing wear

C.slightly greater piston wear

D.decreased side pressure


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