Marine Auxillary 2009 Objective Paper

Q- It is given that engine room bilge pump has suction manifold on which 3 valves are located. One valve for the 3 engine room bilge wells suction, another one for Bilge tank suction and the third one is for sea water suction. It is found that the Bilge pump is unable to take suction from any of the bilge wells, but is able to take suction efficiently from Bilge tank. What is the most probable cause?

A. Pump suction filter cover gasket leaking

B. Suction filter cover gasket of one of the Bilge wells is leaking

C. Bilge well suction pipeline leaking between individual bilge well valves and suction manifold valve

D. Bilge pump suction pipeline leaking between the manifold and the pump


Q- Which factor must be considered when determining the order of loading of dissimilar products through the same piping system aboard a tanker?

Contamination of the cargo

Flash points

Reid vapor pressures

Specific gravities

Answer-Not Sure

Q- Leaking valves in a low pressure, reciprocating, air compressor can result from __________ .

excessive compressor discharge pressure

operating the compressor at excessive speed

uneven piston stroke in the compressor

abrasion by dust and dirt

Tricky Question Answer will be anyone of them But You Have to Choose the Most Appropriate

Q- when the control lever actuates in sterring gear. two motors and the control can be actuated manual opearation one motor and control can be achieved


Q- Overall length of pairs of rams is reduced in which of the following tiller designs of a steering gear arrangement?

A. Forked tiller design

B. Round arm tiller design

C. Conventional tiller design

D. None of the above


Q- Inert Gas System on board tankers is used during which of the following operations-

A.Inerting of empty tanks

B.Inerting during crude oil washing

C.Purging before gas freeing

D.All of the above


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