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Commonly Asked Questions of Mumbai & Kolkata MMD in February & March 2018
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February & March 2018 Oral Questions of Kolkata & Mumbai MMD

Introduce Yourself ( Again after doing the same)
Started with NO IDEA for 1st 2 questions were some definitions had never heard before.
What is Horn of the Ship.
Bilge Keels uses, construction,reason.
How do u know the ship is stable, Define Metacentric Height,
Why free board of Tanker is lesser that other ships.
Define PV Valve ,Functions, How many P Valves u had on ur ships, How many cargo Tanks( Answered 7 PV Valves and 14 Tanks) Then question why half the number of PV Valves than Tanks.
How does a PV Valve work at day and night does it work the same way if not what ‘s the difference(Took some time to answer this in morning the temperature of the atmosphere and sea ‘s much much higher than at night so in morning due to high ttemperature there ‘s generation of vapour at this temp leading to high pr inside tanks and PV Valves work to relive them, though at night the temp falls and it works to relive vaccum in Tanks ,,,,,,, was happy with the answer said nice)
Draw Mast Riser, How is Mast Riser connected to all tanks, How is the Vapour Emitted from Mast Riser how is the Pressure given to the vapours.


Tempeature of Engine cooling water rises , reason’s.
What is Boiler Blow Down , How do u do it and How do u know that the Blowdown is Finished.
What is single pass, Double Pass and Triple Pass
Draw It..
What Cooler u had for Piston Cooling. What is it For jacket.Materials for both Tube and Plate Type.
Why Plate type for Jacket and Tube Type for Fresh Water.
What is Peak Pressure, How do u calculate it.
How do u calculate power of engine.
Draw Power card.
Had earlier used the formula IP = PLAN/60000 he asked where does that 60000 come from and what is that.
That’s all I remember in this section.


Single Phasing.
How do u take an Incoming A/E on load. How is voltage regulated of the same and how is the frequency adjusted.what happens when u use the speed droop setting of the governor.
Constructional difference between A.C and D.C motor and working.
While using E/R Crane power fails what will happen to the load attached.
How does the same happen.
Purifier Motor Rotates in the opposite direction.Reasons.
Insulation Breaakdown..(That’s all I Remember again)

Function – 6
Clearence of Bottom End Bearing A/E.How do u take it , values( Had answered this one correctly but din say the isolation of A/E so they were not happy with the answer)
Lowering of Piston in Liner Procedure.
Suction of REF Compressor Iced up Reasons.
Removal of Air from Ref Compressors.
Function of Evoporator Bulb and how does it work.
Define Super Heat.
That’s all Again were some more but that ‘ s all can remember as of now.

n 3
Name particular certificates pertaining to lng carrier
Draw the tank structure
What is the thickness of primary membrane and secondary membrane
Thickness of corrugation of cargo tanks
How to inspect primary and secondary barrier
The materials of tank,membrane,insulation are different then how to u join them
How the tank was supported
If the secondary barrier is also ruptured then what to do
How to detect any leak into the membranes
What is iepp
Amendments to anx 6. Why anx 6 was regulated . it is applied to the ship as well as industry, then who takes care that regulation is followed for ship and for industry
Define flag state and port state inspection
In india who takes port state inspection

Fn 4b and 6
Dg decarb
Removal of con rod
Why 2 inlet valves
Draw the rocker arm arrangement to operate both the valves simultaneously
Why 2 springs
Types of HX
Which is better?
Prepare one plate type HX for cleaning
Which fluid will u open first while u bring other cooler in line and the reason for it
Draw the boiler
How many fin elements were there
If some fin elements are leaking the how will u detect it
How will u plug it
Full fuel ckt for boiler
Why the boiler had rotary cup burner
Explain turn down ratio
Why at start the air damper after pre purge cycle not closed fully
How much was the pre and post purge time. Can u change that and how to find the min amount of purge time(there is no manual)
Why there is ignition transformer
What is the gap between the electrode of pilot burner
Why tis gap is provided and why this gap is small
How much flame eye.
Draw gear pump and explain working
Draw jcw system
The line from the expansion tank enter to the suction side or discharge side of the jcw pump and explain the reason for that
What is npsh and define it
Why turbochargers are not water cooled nowadays
During the round one unit of a/e is hot at crankcase door what is the immediate action
What was the flooding system and how much discharge it should give
Working of the system
How will u test the oil valve of the ows
Bilge pump not taking suction what are the the line has small holes so air entering the system and suction is lost . how will u determine the leak.

Fn 5
Fire alarm,sensors working and testing
Draw the refer ckt
How defrosting is carried out and at what points is defrosting done
If the veg room temp has reached and still the system is cooling what is the reason
If in the above case solenoid valve is faulty then how will u come to know. Your solenoid tester is also fucked up now what
Draw dol starter
Values of voltage for main and control circuit
Now modify the circuit for refer motor
What is lo differential trip and how it fuctions .explain with diagram
What is single phasing and how to avoid it
The olr is provided on one phase or all phases
What is thermal imaging
Routine checks on MCC .
In msb there is written no1 and no2 pump what does this signify

Function 3b
1. Draw the midship section of a double hull tanker? Explain each construction in detail? What is the minimum size of the wing tank?
2. Draw the load line or plimsole mark, name the markings and dimension? What is the purpose?
3. Which fixed firefighting system onboard? Co2 or water mist system? Explain sprinkler system in details (pressure, type of pump manual operation, location)?
4. What checks are made on firefighting and lifesaving equipment? Saturday routines.
5. Describe annex VI briefly? Who approves sewage treatment plant, how this regulations are made, what test are made? What will decide the rate of flow in discharging the sewage OBD?
6. What is ISM code, what certificates are issued under this code?
7. What is ISPS code (full form) when it came into force, what certificates? Who were your DPA, CSO, and SSO? What are their responsibilities (each of them) where is their name posted?
8. What are security levels, how these were maintained onboard? Your responsibilities?
9. What is IMDG and IBC code? What certificates are issued under these codes?
10. In which chapters of SOLAS and Annexures of MARPOL do IBC and IMDG code related?

Function 4
1. Compressors PV diagram? How work done is reduced? Why intercooler? How do you calculate work done?
2. How to blow down boiler? Why to reduce chloride content? What will happen after blow down? Effect of chloride content on boiler? Normal range? How it is decided?
3. Properties of lubricating oil? What is de emulsifying property of oil? Main engine- type of oil?
4. What type of pump for main engine lubricating oil? Why centrifugal pump? What was the pressure – discharge of pump and entry into engine? How oil is circulated?
5. How crosshead is lubricated? What type of lubrication? What is the pressure for crosshead lubrication?
6. Explain plate type of heat exchanger? Advantage over shell and tube type? Why drain and air vent is provided on heat exchanger?
7. Why prepurging is done in boiler? What is blowback?

Function 5
1. What are the alternator routines? How air gap is checked?
2. Starting of induction motor?
3. What is single phasing? What happens to the motor? What are the causes?
4. What happens in earth fault? Testing of earth fault? What is meggar? draw it and explain?
5. How insulation is tested in motor? How terminals are connected? Where insulation tester is connected in motor? Draw it?
6. Safeties observed in battery room? What checks are done on batteries?

Function 6
1. Prepare main engine for maneuvering? State everything? What will you check during blow through or why blow through is done? How does water or oil come?
2. Safeties on boiler?
3. Defects in welds? How does it happen? Measures to avoid?
4. How oil is circulated in piston? From where does oil come? Shaker and cocktail effects? At what piston position happens?
5. IG cutouts? How back pressure is prevented in IG?
6. What will you do after oil mist alarm sounds during your watch?
7. Safeties on MAIN ENGINE panel? State different safe pressures and temperatures in main engine?
8. After complete overhaul of DG lubricating oil pressure drops suddenly what may be the reasons?
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